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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Congrats Rumble

I am ALWAYS happy to meet a new satisfied cruiser. By the way, you made a very good choice for your first cruise, the Haven on Epic is a very nice spot, and you were separated from the hoy palloy.

Epic has a lot of positive attributes, but it is a big and somewhat crowded ship. You made sure you could dine in the Haven's private restaurant (which I have tried and I love it).

THE ENTERTAINMENT ON EPIC MAY BE THE BEST AT SEA. I am partial to "Blue Man Group" however, it is one of my most favorite shows in the world. I actually started recommending it to cruise lines as far back as 1994.

I also think the "Legends at Sea" is one of the best shows I have seen on a cruise ship. I am not sure why they didn't extend it to other NCL ships, my guess is that it was too expensive, but it is good.
Just off the 12-07 Epic sailing and had a great time. I can't say that the cabin design was appealing, but it was an aft-facing and we loved it. If we weren't on the balcony, we were either sleeping, changing or out and about, so the design had little impact on our enjoyment of the cruise. We did not see Blue Man as we had seen them in Chicago and there were so many other things to do. We thought Cirque Dreams was excellent. We had balcony rail seats and when the performers were up on the ropes, they were at eye level, a few feet away. Legends....Steven Tyler was absolutely spot on! I tell you, the ladies nearly fainted when they saw him walking through the ship! Sneak out before Katy Perry starts. She is no legend! Entertainment everywhere, a very lively atmosphere, but you could always find a quiet place.
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