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Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
I did get extra points-but I have 260 not 270. The Celebrity rep told me that. it is okay, I have come to terms with it. as I said to Felix, I am back to looking at itinerary first, value second and cruise line third as I used to do until I got so close to "elite" with Celebrity.

I am not saying I will not cruise Celebrity again, because I will. I am just saying if I find a great itinerary and Celebrity has competition for that itinerary and they have the better price, I am more likely to go with the competition than I would have if I had achieved elite status.

I liked the idea of half price laundry and cappuccinos more than a lounge room. I do not drink alcohol so that was not an enticement and as far as the great views the one diamond poster was so enthralled with; we pick a stateroom with great views already and I do not mind getting that same exact food in the buffet area.
260 points doesn't make any sense, unless you have been on a cruise since Nov. 23, your account has to be divisible by 30 which 260 is not. . Did you go on your MyCelebrity and look at your cruise history. I'm betting you have 270. Celebrity reps have been know to make plenty of mistakes.
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