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Originally Posted by bonnyprincecharlie View Post
I wonder if the three people killed in Boston could be brought back to express their opinion that life imprisonment for the person who caused their death would be suitable punishment. I wonder how the persons who lost there limbs and will suffer pain for the rest of their lives would feel about the person who caused their injuries enjoying life in prison. Of course all these speculations are moot because the AG will probably make the decision that this will not be a death penalty case.

Putting aside the question of whether or not prison is "enjoyable," the answers might surprise you. I've always heard that relatives of murder victims want the killers killed, but in my personal experience that has seldom been the case.

Ironically, and with no disrespect to them, the opinions of those who were gravely injured are irrelevant to the discussion, because absent the death of others, Tsarnaev would not be eligible for the death penalty and the question would be moot--no matter how hellacious the non-fatal injuries were.
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