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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Speaking of NCL and agents...

I booked an NCL cruise last year to go on Norwegian Epic. I started getting phone calls from my "personal NCL vacation planner" even before the cruise left. They are definitely stealing customers away from agents, and any agent who does not know that is delusional.

If I were an agent I would give them the Renaissance treatment - why book a client on a cruise line that is going to steal that client away from you?

And by the way - I never gave them permission to call me - they just did. There may be a reason why they put their call center in Arizona - because we have pretty loose laws about telemarketing here (although they have gotten a bit tougher).
With all due respect to you, you would not book a client on NCL because you got a phone call from a person in a call center who got your name on a list, presumably of people who have signed up on the website or are previous cruisers? You think they called you to attempt to hijack the booking? You are not the only cruiser to receive these call, I assure you. Same reason I get them from my bank and credit card issuers. If they have a business relationship with you, they can call you.

I have had occasion to book direct with NCL more than once and THEN requested the booking be transferred to a TA because of pricing and other perks. I'll bet you don't complain about those situations!. In fact my Personal Cruise Consultant at NCL explained the process of transfer to me and told me if I decided to do so, it would be no problem. I have never had anyone at NCL try to talk me out of transferring a booking and in fact they spoke very highly of travel agencies who they referred to as their "travel partners". EVERY transfer I have made has been handled quickly and courteously.

The comments I see from TAs on this site is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Just an opinion from the other side of the fence.
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