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Let us turn back for a moment to the basic fairness question. I just came across an accounting of how many people in the various states who were on death row have been vindicated and released. Mind you, these are not people who were granted "clemency." No, they were proven to be innocent, mostly by DNA testing, after they had been sentenced to death. Here are some of the more active "kill" states and the numbers of people released from death row when their innocence was clearly shown. . .

Florida: 23
Illinois: 20
Texas: 12
Oklahoma: 10
North Carolina: 8
Arizona: 8
Louisiana: 8

That's 89 people scheduled to be killed in just a few states who were exonerated, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. How many more innocents were actually killed during the heyday of capital punishment?

Simple question: Is the relentless, government-sponsored taking of innocent life acceptable collateral damage to make sure that the guilty "get what they deserve?" I suggest it is not.
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