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Yep, at least they did have salt & pepper shakers - unfortunately, we didn't the first night.

As for 'doesn't look bad', there wasn't much of the food to see and what was shown wasn't a big deal. Did notice that on a couple of occasions the guy mentioned not getting bread at their table! And I loved his comment about 'mystery meat'.

As we all know, food is VERY subjective. Some people love McDonalds, others prefer Burger King, while some don't like either, and some like both.

I heard one lady saying the peanut butter cookies on the dessert bar were outstanding. Being a lover of peanut butter anything, I tried them and couldn't believe she raved about how good they were. All three of us tasted absolutely no peanut butter - all they were were sugar cookies with no flavor whatsoever.

So, as I always say, what one person loves, another will hate. And while we've always enjoyed our Carnival cruises in the past and found the food fine, this one on the Glory was very disappointing. And it had nothing to do with forks, knives, and tablecloths.

And the service throughout our cruise was very good in every area, with the exception of our waiter and assistant waiter who were terrible! We watched other waiters around us and they were all very good. Unfortunately, we had to get two servers who were clueless about everything.

I hope the growing pains and changes will produce a much better experience for those cruising on the Glory after us.

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