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We've been putting off sailing on the RP due to all the negative reports but no doubt will sail next fall when they'll be leaving from Ft Lauderdale at which time we'll almost be forced to book or switch cruise lines. Most of the complaints you quoted have been mentioned many times before and I really believe has been the cause of lots of folks avoiding the ship.

The elevator programing problem is common throughout all the Princess ships for years and I can't believe that the fix is all that simple of linking the two banks together unless there's a hidden reason to keep them separate.
It's the first time I've heard about the spacing between seats of the elimination of the next to the bulkhead.....not good at all. If you have the opportunity to sail on the Island or Coral take note of the width of their seats compared to any of the other Princess ships. They've shrunk the size of the seats to the point of barely being wide enough to even fit into one. At least they can't get any smaller.
We've also avoided the ship due to the fact that there are no OV cabins.
We'd have to book inside or pay extra for a balcony cabin with a shrunken balcony.

One thing that I can't understand is why Princess can't utilize their TV system to post the days DR menu's. It sounds simple enough to do and eliminate an extra trip to the DR door prior to meal time to make a decision.
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