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Default NCL money maker

Here's a little information to consider; the cruise rate you see advertised is actually made up of two fares - the cruise fare and the NCF's or port fees as they're called. When travel single, the cruise line will often double the cruise fare - this is called a 200% single supplement. Sometimes they will offer a special that will lower this to 150% or even 125%. In the past, we use to get this as low as 100%, but that doesn't happen very often anymore. Now here's the thing; the port fees should only be charged once for a single, but several cruise lines charge more than that and often up to double, which is just their way of making more profit off a single cruiser because they don't have to pay that much for a single.

I had recently been on a NCL relocation cruise from Boston to Tampa, I was wondering after I read this item if I had been charged double for the port fees and how would I find out. I had booked this cruise through V2G. As you know I have contacted you concerning future cruises because I see you have some really good insights concerning cruising.
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