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I'm not sure what you mean by Ultimate Beverage package, but if you mean either all you can drink soda pop; or all you can drink beer & wine, forget about buying it. First, as to the soda package, keep in mind that it ONLY covers pop (as us Midwesterners call it) or soda (for you southerners).; and only PEPSI products from a bar tap (not cans). It doesn't even cover the cans (like Sierra Mist) which you will find it in your stateroom fridge. At EVERY meal, you get all the milk, orange juice, coffee, cranberry juice, and a few others juice combinations that you want. And there is almost no time of day that at least one of the dining locations is not open. It might be a deal if you have kids and you don't care how much sugar they ingest; otherwise, skip it. As for the Beer/Wine package, do the math: you have to drink a hell of a lot or else it's a big expense. And keep in mind that it won't carry over to shore excursions. and many shore excursions already comp your beer and cheap rum, so unless you drink a lot, consider the math before you buy. Regarding price of beer/drinks, they range from $ 6 to $ 8, plus mandatory gratuity.
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