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Actually AR, my position is simply a Biblical one....In the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses let everything be established! I have never trusted DNA testing as proof positive of a crime perpetrator. Same with fingerprints, which could be off a little bit because of the way prints are lifted.

Each State should have the right to make it's own laws. If it is a case of Murder, then the jury decides the verdict and the judge should decide the penalty.

Remember when Congress Woman Gabrielle Gifford was shot? There was multiple witnesses to where this should be a open and shut case! There is no doubt about who committed the crime! Why should this man stay in prison for years while he awaits his 2-3 appeals for a crime which is a open and shut case?

AR your #3 question.....I was talking about Murder! Murder in the 1st degree is something that is planned out. There are other incidents where killing takes place where there are mitigating circumstances and they should be thoroughly examined.

What are morals? I am sure your morals are different then mine! Biblically speaking, Capital punishment can be found supported all over the Bible, that is why governments where created, to punish evil doers. In many ways I agree with the Muslim way of dealing with criminals. You steal? you get caught and lone a hand. You rape a woman? You get caught and are castrated.

I personally would love to see public executions brought back. Public hangings, firing squad or whatever, It would make someone think before going out and committing a murder!
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