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Well, happily, Truck is on the wrong side of today's trends when it comes to capital punishment, which is why I was so glad to see him admit that there are actually problems with the current system.

Public executions will not be brought back; more and more states will cease to execute, either by law or by practice; and eventually a wiser Supreme Court will ban the death penalty nationwide as arbitrary and capricious, and we will join the rest of the "civilized" world in that regard.

It would be interesting if all legal cases were as simple and as cut-and-dried as Truck would have us believe; and it would be really fascinating if the Bible were only open to his interpretation. However, neither is the case. Nor is it the case that any government in this country was created for the primary purpose of punishing evil doers.
The most dangerous man in society is the man who has nothing left to lose. -- Saul Bellow
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