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Default Newbie needs advice

So my wife and I are growing older, and we have come to a point where we really want to experience more. I have seen commercials on television about some cruise line that does tour cruises throughout various major attractions in Europe. This had me thinking about the fact that I have never been on a cruise ship. So this year I figured this was something we could do. The cost of taking a cruise has become significantly more affordable, and the options of the places we could visit are nearly endless.

So I went to the computer like so many of us do, and I began my search on the internet for information about cruises. I looked all over the place and found everything from travel advice to websites that offered cruises for sale. I eventually ended up on Wikipedia at List of cruise lines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which has a list of a huge number of cruise companies. I thought this was pretty cool because there is a list of operating companies, as well as companies that have failed. I never realized that there were so many companies that failed and folded. I came across a website that I found incredibly useful. At I found a ton of information about choosing cruises. So I have gotten to the point where I need to make a few decisions in order to move forward.

I was curious about different cruise experiences many of you have had. There was the story of the cruise ship that got stuck during new years 2013 in the Antarctic. There are obviously cruises all around the Caribbean. I have seen commercials fro cruises throughout Europe. There are cruises that go to Alaska. There have to be other cruises that I don't even know about yet. Share some your experiences on different cruises so I can get a feel about which direction I would like to look.

I would like to purchase our package within the next few months, but I want to gather my information before I make any decisions. I was hoping that getting some experiences that other people have had would help me to choose not only a location, but the cruise line I want to go on.
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