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Wow, you've never been on a cruise ship, yet your handle is "CruiseAddict99"?
. You must be psychic or something!

Pretty much anywhere in the world you can think of, there is probably a cruise line that goes there. It would certainly help if you could narrow your focus a bit. We have Australia and New Zealand on our bucket list as well as Hawaii and Tahiti. Have done the caribbean several times, east, west and southern. Maybe someday will do Greek Isles and other european ports, but right now travel to Europe just to get TO a cruise ship seems like more stress than I could handle.

Our Akaska cruise out of Vancouver was out of this world in our book because of the spectacular scenery, but YOU might not like it at all. Only you know what would interest you. My recommendation would be to do some research on destinations, find one that interests you and then look for cruise lines which have itineraries there. A travel agent may be able to help you choose a ship which would meet your budget and interests.

We love cruising and feel it is the absolute best way to travel.
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