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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I think that Moderno and Cagneys are up to about $45/night now, so if you ate there every night you would be way ahead.

I love both of those places. Le Bistro is also good. Teppenaki is worthwhile just for the experience.
Unless there was a recent increase in the cover charges I have not heard about, the cover for Cagney's is $30, LeBistro is $20 and Moderno is $20. The highest venue is Ocean Blue, I believe at $49. Teppanyaki I believe is $25. So if you ate at those 4 excluding ocean Blue, you would only be at $95 in cover charges.

I love NCL, but my feeling is that just like with the beverage packages, they are hoping that people will buy the packages without thought and then not fully utilize them, therefore putting extra $ in profits for NCL. We would have to be sent back to our cabins every night in a wheelbarrow if we came out ahead on their beverage package.
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