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Originally Posted by rollerdonna View Post
I'm sorry, but I would not pay $119 per person to dine in a specialty restaurant every night on a cruise. Call me cheap, call me unsophisticated, but to me (us) the meals offered in the main dining rooms are sufficiently "upscale", almost always delicious, plenty of options, and most of all, free.
For the most part, saving for a cruise means only the basics, I can't afford any extras.
Many of the specialty places, particularly pasta and or seafood do not appeal because a) I can't eat pasta (gluten-intolerant) and b) I don't like seafood. Other than steaks, it would be a waste of money for me.

I totally get your point of view. We usually budget around $70 per person for the both of us for specialty restaurants and that gives us about 3 nights away from the buffet or main diningroom. I have had some excellent steaks in Cagneys, and then there's that to die for salad bar and side dishes at Moderno and lots of meat variety on the skewers if you have any room left. We just enjoy the atmosphere, not to mention the food. I guess we're spending money others would use in the casino or on excursions. Give it a try once if your budget allows, you may get hooked.
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