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Originally Posted by Tsimoneaux22 View Post
Thanks, everyone. I have to say this def wasnt the answers I wanted but at least they are truthful. We live in New Orleans, and we wanted to take a cruise this year to avoid flying anywhere on vacation. That only leaves Caribbean cruises as an option. I know my family still wants to go so it looks like I will just not get off the boat at the ports of call. My husband is kind of bummed about us not getting off the boat but he said he'd rather that than the embarrassment of one of my panic attacks that I sometimes take hours to recover from. Seeing a very small lizard from a distance is manageable, but seeing an iguana or large one even from a great distance would not be possible for me without falling to the ground screaming.
We're considering some therapy for the issue but I doubt I would be cured by June.
Thanks again!!
You might be surprised how quickly therapy can work if you get the right kind. I wanted to suggest you look into this, but I did not want to offend you. I am glad you are considering it. It seems a shame to allow this to control your life. However do you manage to avoid lizards in NOLA?

Ask your MD about this and try to find a clinic or dr who specializes in this type of therapy. There is a name for it, but my mind is a blank. I have seen examples of this being done for people with fears of flying, snakes and you name it. It is surprising how fast it works in the examples I have seen. Good Luck!
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