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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
Guess you haven't gotten the memo; NCL is not the only cruise line offering freestyle dining. All cruise lines now offer anytime, your time, my time, or open dining on almost every ship. When arriving in the dining room, you can request any size table and select whether you want to sit with others or not.

Yes, I did get the memo. Have tried "my time" on other lines and not the same at all, IMO. They are still set up to offer a traditional style of dining to the majority of passengers. Too often we were chided by the hostess who pouted prettily because we could not be persuaded into joining other tables. Either that or we were sat at the exact same table every single night next to the exact same passengers. Or, they wanted us to tell them in advance what time we were coming. That is not freestyle. Perhaps they have improved in the 4 or 5 years since then. Hate to sound antisocial, we talk to people all over the ship, but we like to dine just with our own party, when and where we please.
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