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We've done anytime dining on several cruise lines and we've always been asked if we wanted a table for just the two of us or whether we'd like to sit with others, so we've never found it a problem. And yes, we've always been offered the opportunity to book the same table every night at the same time if we'd like, but it's their way of trying to please everyone and giving us the chance to avoid any lines, if that's what we'd like to do. So I don't see this as a negative, but as a wonderful positive and truly a 'freestyle' type of dining because they're offering us the opportunity to do whatever we want, whenever we want, and wherever we want.

In fact, on the luxury cruise lines and river cruises, anytime dining is all they offer. NCL is just the first one to offer to the mass market, but now everyone is offering it along with other choices, which NCL doesn't offer.

Something out there for everyone no matter what your likes or dislikes and that's what makes cruising so great!

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