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Personally, I would skip the lobster night in the MDR and go to Cagneys or another place that serves a better lobster.

The MDR lobster is Caribbean, in fact I think it might be just large Prawns. It wasn;t anything to write home about when I tried it on Epic, anyway.

By the way, the best lobster I ever had on a cruise ship (not counting my small-ship cruise on Blount in Maine which was just amazing), was in Europe on Princess in the main steakhouse.

As I recall it was the cost of the steakhouse PLUS a surcharge, but man it was really good. Better than I have had in restaurants in Maine.

But on the Blount small ship - they bought over 100 fresh lobsters and smoked them outside over charcoal covered with seaweed. The lobster meat was steamed and brined at the same time. I never had such a good lobster (actually two of them).
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