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My question is, is the Allure a good choice for a cruise for two in the mid 20's? I know Carnival are the fun ships but we want fun and amazing ports/ activities too. Either line will give you a fun experience, and all the lines cruise to the same great Caribbean ports. The Allure is a very distinctive ship, so, you cannot really compare it to any Carnival ship.

In addition, what are ports actually like? Is it hard to find things to do or navigate? Do people go back to the ship to eat lunch or find food at ports?
Is buying a beverage package really worth the money? We drinks, but not a ton. In the Caribbean the ports are quite manageable,and easy to get some research on the ports, check out excursions offered by each line, to see what interests you. You can get less expensive excursions off the ship...Vans and taxis are lined up at the dock, offering excursions. Most people dont go back to the ship, for lunch, with excursions taking them to far points on the island, usually. Some people try and fit 2 excursions into the day, so a quick local eatery, can be interesting,and delicious.


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