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Originally Posted by hindukush View Post
Hey there! We are going on our first cruise in June 2014 and have decided to go with Royal Caribbean on a European Cruise. We are a family of 6 adults ranging from 31-60 and have 3 children with us aged - 2, 5, and 10!

We are confused whether to take the Liberty of the Seas that starts from Barcelona and goes to Provence (Marseilles), France, Villefranche (Nice), France, La Spezia (Florence /Pisa), Italy, Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy, Naples (Capri), Italy and ends back in Barcelona.
or take the
Splendour of the seas which starts from Venice, and goes to Dubrovnik, Croatia, Kusadasi, Turkey, Santorini, Katakolon, Greece, and ends in Venice.

We are concerned which is a better ship and which is a better itinerary for us??
We will be taking 3 ocean view rooms with balconies and want to make the most of this cruise and really enjoy it!

Can the experts here please help us and suggest what we should go with? Or if you have any other better suggestions than the 2 mentioned here on other cruise companies, please let us know as well.

Thanks for all your help!!! Really appreciate it!
When it comes to the ship I believe that Liberty Of The Seas will be a better choice for your group. It is a newer, larger and will have more "stuff" to do and see than Splendour. Splendour is a smaller and older ship. I believe she was built around 1996 or '97 and Liberty is twice the size and built around 2006 or '07.

When it comes to itineraries that is really dependent on what your group wants to see and do. Liberty is going to give you more of the "old world" Renaissance and Splendour is going to give you the ancient world. Both itineraries are great but I would suggest doing some research on the different ports and see what interests you most. Personally, I love Venice and Croatia is a beautiful area.

Both of these itineraries are fairly port intensive so you will be doing a lot of walking and touring.

Think about what interests you and your group and make your decision based on that. Both itineraries are good ones. When it comes to the ship I would choose Liberty but I would choose Splendor's itinerary. It's a hard decision.

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