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Originally Posted by Manuel View Post
That is exactly the reality of a person with Dementia.

In my Mother's case, she would get extremely confused when you took her away from her everyday surroundings.

So a cruise is not the best place unless you are willing to watch them 24/7 I would think. On our last cruise we ate dinner with a couple one night (we did not do assigned seating)that the woman had dementia. She was very sweet but said very little. I saw that her husband took very good care of her.

She was also young to have dementia. She was no more than mid sixties. We saw them later at the San Diego zoo. (California coastal cruise) He had her in a wheelchair and was pushing her around. I am sure that made it easier for him to keep up with her. Anyway, he did not skip excursions he just took her with him, even if that meant wheeling her in a wheel chair. He was a good husband to her.
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