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Originally Posted by rollerdonna View Post
This is a sad story all around. Obviously the woman should never have been left alone, but that being said, perhaps the husband was either not as aware as he should have been, or in denial as to the gravity of her dementia.
This however does not excuse their treatment by the cruise line. Husband should have been allowed back onboard to discuss the matter and details of the plan. My heart goes out to this poor confused woman who would have been even further traumatized by being so quickly and unexpectedly removed from the ship. Could have been handled better IMHO.

Yes, I am sure they could have been treated better but still the family was negligent.

I read a thread about a year or so ago where a disabled man took a cruise on RCI alone. He could not even dress himself or take himself to the bathroom. He thought because he booked a suite that the butler would care for him.

He was put off ship at the first port and because of that won a lawsuit.

Now how could that have been taken of care better? I have only been in a suite once, but it did not take me long to realize the butler takes care of more than one suite, and of course we all know their job is not caregiver also.

with more and more people doing stupid things like this do you think cruise lines need to handle such things differently. Perhaps they should have it in the fine print that they will bring in a caregiver but you will be charged $$$? Or they will escort you to airport and put you on a plane for home but you will be charged $$$?
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