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Cruise Critic Sucks was started with mostly disgruntled Cunardians and really had nothing to do with Carnival. The group was started long before Carnival Dream hit the water. Host Mach was a frequent target of their disdain because he originally was a host of the Cunard board. Later, he was moved to the Carnival board. It was his heavy handed moderation and playing favorites with members of his "official" group cruises that raised the ire of the members of CCS. CCS was never anti Carnival. It was always anti CC. And anti Host Mach. There was never any dislike of JH. He was always well liked and regarded. The problem was with the groupies that surround JH and their obsessive and obnoxious cheerleading. Incidentally, CCS is no longer a FB group. It was dismantled after a major fight between longtime members and the group admin. There are numerous spin off groups that have resulted from that meltdown. The legacy continues.
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