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Hey Gang. Got terrible news. The cousin I cruised with three years ago had a massive heart attack morning before last and is on life support. She lives in California. I found a reasonable last minute flight that I wanted to book but mom would freak on me if I did. She's got a series of doctor's appointments next week. My brother is worthless. He mad excuses for not even calling to check on her after the doc appointments last week. I had to PM on facebook. I hate to drag my niece and her baby down here so I can fly out there.

Anyway, my cousin's daughter is with her mom. The men are at home refusing to go to the hospital and make any decisions, but it looks like my cousin may be brain dead or in a vegetative state. Last I head they were doing tests and she was waiting for test results. She will probably be facing end of life decisions.

So, I'm torn in two about what to do. If I go out there it's liable to be civil war because of what's going on, and it's also liable to be civil war here to get my brother to take some damned responsibility to get him down here to take some responsibility. The first thing he said to me when I PMed me (because he usually won't take a phone call) was to "blame" our cousin.

Sorry for the rant guys.
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