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Good morning everyone:

Help!!! I'm being forced to do dirty things by a crazy woman!!!

No not those dirty things. Yesterday, my brain took a vacation and I didn't get my Cinderfella duties done. This morning Betty is making me dust, clean the kitchen cupboards, kitchen and dinette windows and my office. She is a cruel woman. I'm supposed to be cleaning my office right now while she's vacuuming but I'm taking a quick break. As long as I can hear the vacuum upstairs I know I'm safe.

As I said, my brain took a vacation yesterday afternoon. Betty was so proud that she took care of the driveway after we had about 2 inches of snow. The only problem was that we have some nasty winds and the driveway drifted, in three spots, last night. So, my morning has been blowing the driveway in gail force winds and then a trip to the coffee shop.

Vacuum is now off, gotta go. Have a good weekend.

Take care,
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