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CQ, I just ranted to you in the PM. Thanks for giving me the chance. I'm really sorry for your loss, too. It seems that people are just falling like flies. I've lost a lot of people the last few years...but I come from a large family and have a lot of aging relatives.

My cousin is 59. I talked to her daughter earlier. The told her daughter last night that her mom would be a vegetable, if by some miracle if she ever woke up that she would not know her family, would never walk or talk again, etc. My cousin's father and brother did not make the trip to the city where she's been living and did not want to make the decision. He father called the hospital and told them to have her her daughter make the decision. So, she made the painful decision to take her off life support, which she did about 10:00pm. She's still breathing now. They've moved her to another part of the hospital to die, and told her that it could take up to a week.

I am totally heartbroken but told her I was proud of her for making that decision. I'll be staying here for now. My brother has offered another trip in a few months (as you know, this isn't the first time he's done that) but he's not offering any help with my mom. I'm pretty sure the s**t is going to hit the fan out there after she dies, not that I can blame her daughter. I'm just torn to pieces. My other favorite cousin out there died about a year ago and I've lost an aunt out there since. I need to make the trip, but not like this.

Thanks for the support. xoxoxo
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