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When it comes to bags - keep in mind that you will not be living out of them during the cruise - just using them in the airport.

I really prefer a bag that has FOUR wheels and rolls upright on the floor. That way you do not have the weight of the bag to support, it is the difference between carrying the weight and pushing it.

I also like a suitcase with a LONG handle so I can slide my smaller carry-on over the handle. Make sure you buy a carry-on bag that is made to slide over the handle (most will, but you have to make sure).

Also - depending on how much you usually pack, keep in mind that most airlines now charge you to check a bag ($25 apiece). However, here is a trick - take a bag to the gate as if you plan to carry it on - but if they make an announcement offering to check it for free - let them do it ESPECIALLY if you have a changeover in your flight - because it is a lot easier than carrying and watching two bags while you change planes.

However - I tend to avoid checking bags if my reservation includes changing airlines - because that is the most common reason bags get lost (when they are supposed to be routed to a different airline) - they get low priority.
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