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Originally Posted by robinl View Post
We booked a cruise in June on the Geteway and worried it was the wrong cruise line. There are not many reviews on the Geteway so I looked at reviews on its sister ship - Breakaway. They are not good on cruise critic! Any feedback would be great if you have traveled on either ship. I have been on Celebrity and a short 3 day with NCL. I keep hearing that it is very crowded, food is horrible, staff is horrible. Basically, nothing positive.

Robin, we have cruised with all the mainstream lines and decided to give NCL a try, booking the Dawn a few years ago. I read every Dawn review I could get my hands on, and boy was I worried! But, we fell in love with the staff and the relaxed atmosphere. Best cruise we had ever had, and we have booked with them 6 times since then and never had a bad cruise!

Please keep in mind that those who are happy with their cruise will probably not rush home and post a review. Those that are unhappy, often will, so you see the negative ones, but fewer positive. I think for some people, it was just not what they were expecting. They were used to such and such, and because it was this and that instead, well, that must be a bad thing! We recently cruised on Epic, and again I was worried based on some reviews. Honestly, I have to wonder what ship those people were on! Many things so over exaggerated. It was a different experience than the other ships, but we loved it for what it was. It is like comparing a seaside B&B to a Vegas hotel. They are very different, but that does not make one or the other bad.

So now when I read reviews, I just discount the subjective opinions and ask myself, IF this is absolutely true, will it affect ME? Too crowded near the pool, difficult to get a chair? That is the last place you'd find me, so no problem. Have read that the service in the MDR is too slow. For us, dinner is an event not to be rushed through, so no problem. And, we usually eat in a specialty 2 or 3 nights. Also keep in mind, if a review is posted in the official review section, no one can challenge their statements, and I have seen some doozies. Like stating that there is only one free dining room or other such nonsense. A review which is posted on the Norwegian Forum on Cruise Critic on the other hand, may have a more balanced overview. Or at least, there are others who will comment or ask questions of the reviewer.

So if you are going to read reviews, what I'm suggesting is that you use them to look for info which will help to enhance your experience. For the Epic, there were many reviews with complaints about finding a seat at the buffet during the busy breakfast rush hour. We did not have this problem because we already had inside info on a quiet scenic area open to buffet guests but unknown by the majority. We simply walked down a set of stairs inside the buffet and sat at the forward facing windows of La Cucina restaurant with a handful of other people. Crowded on the pool deck? Simply walk up to an out of the way area on the upper decks which at one time was designated as a private area for Haven guests, but now open to the public. Few know about it. Padded loungers, cabanas, peace and quiet, barely anyone there. We knew about these things by reading the Norwegian board.

We are booked on the Getaway February 22nd sailing, so I'll let you know how it is! I'm depending on Dave to get me all the inside info on his Feb. 2nd sailing.
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