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Originally Posted by robinl View Post
We are booked in June too. I have been reading the few reviews on the Getaway and then the Breakaway. The Breakaway reviews really worry me. I feel like he have made a big mistake. Any please comment!
I think you posted on another forum here about this and I answered there. I take reviews with a big grain of salt. Many of them seem to be written by people who can find the negative in any situation. They will state that they enjoyed the shows, loved some of the food, had lots of fun, most of the crew were very friendly, yet they will call their review "The Epic Disaster" because they had to wait 10 minutes with a free glass of champagne to be seated at dinner, and the ship was "too big", there were actually other people in the elevators with them, they passed a crew member in the hall and he actually failed to smile as they passed. Oh, and don't forget they missed giving them a towel animal a couple nights! It is a wonder they survived the cruise.

Sorry to vent. But these melodramatic reviews get on my nerves. I, like you, have worried about the reviews prior to a cruise and then found the reality to be far different when I actually got on the ship. Just glean out the helpful nuggets of information in reviews and go with a positive attitude.
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