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Originally Posted by Travelbuggs View Post
Yeah, but that WAS his "cruise elegant" attire. You are lucky he did not come in his "cruise casual"!

One of the biggest complaints I hear is that cruise lines have rules and then don't enforce them, even when the rule breaker is pointed out by others. It can be regarding dress, smoking, chair reserving, you name it.
Got that right!!

We were on a cruise several years ago, can't remember which one, but there were kids in the adult-only pool and even after many complaints from passengers, none of the crew would tell the parents they were not allowed in there! And because the kids were screaming, running, and jumping in the pool, no one was able to enjoy a quiet retreat or the pool, so it ruined it for everyone.

Alot of people certainly leave their common sense, manners, respect, and courtesy at home when going on a cruise!

Just wish they were required to wear their signs so the rest of us were aware of it ahead of time and can avoid them. You know the one I'm talking about..... the sign that says, "I'm an idiot!"

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