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Originally Posted by valtime View Post
There are many (and you know who you are) that only take free or agent cruises and then won't tip.
I think this is a totally unfair statement. How do you know if they tip or not?

Besides, most agents I know often tip more than the 'suggested' amount (me included) because they're in the business and, unlike those who don't cruise much, know how hard the servers on a ship work, how little they get paid, and how much they rely on tips for their income.

And you may not know this, but often those 'free or agent' cruises specifically state that gratuities are included, so some people not knowing how all this works, take that for what it says. Personally, I still provide gratuities to our servers no matter what it says, as does many friends of mine who are agents because we've had conversations like this.

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