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Originally Posted by mayesq View Post
Why not through the cruise line?

The credit was with booking through an online cruise travel agency.

Also, are you able to book excursions online once you are paid in full?
With NCL you can generally make reservations for excursions, entertainment, dinner, etc. beginning around 45 days out. Once you are booked, register on MYNCL from the NCL website and there you can view excursions and entertainment options and eventually make the reservations, print E Docs, etc.

If you know exactly what you want as far as booking a cruise, are sure you are getting the best deal, choosing the best cabin, etc. then book directly with the cruise line. Many people recommend using a TA who specializes in cruises, either a bricks and mortar one, or a web based one where perhaps you can get some guidance, and generally end up with more credits and perks than you would have gotten by booking it yourself with the cruise line. I like to do my own research and then look for the best deal, usually booking through a TA, but many people do not have the time or the interest to do that.
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