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Originally Posted by jackiel3290 View Post
As I understand it, a "slot-pull" is a privately organized event with cruisers who agree to chip in a set amount of money each and each get a set number of slot pulls. The total amount won will be divided among the players. I haven't participated in one yet, but am signed up for one on an up-coming cruise.
You are right Jackie! This question was asked in 2008, so hopefully they found their answer elsewhere.. I have only done one, and they are usually formed in a Roll Call, not sponsored as an activity offered by the ship like slot tournaments are. I think we all put in $15 each, used a $1.00 Wheel of Fortune machine with a max bet of $3.00 so we each had 5 pulls. The winnings if any are divided among the players. Usually someone is designated to handle the sign up and collect the money beforehand. I think someone usually informs the casino and they sort of oversee the event. The rules can vary of course.
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