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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
My ship is back in Australia again.
Most of the restaurants we visit are again charging us a non-negotiable "Service Charge" when we eat there. It is NOT on a Sunday or public holiday. It is every day.

My service staff are asking me why it is that most of our Australian passengers refuse to tip them onboard, but then those same untipped employees are forced to tip Australians when we go into your country.

Seems a bit unfair, don't you think? My staff is boycotting spending any money in Australia at this point.
Absolutely I think it's unfair, but if you don't eat in the restaurants you don't pay this service charge. There are plenty of places to eat that do not have a service charge.

Where else are we forcing your staff to tip? Do all service staff spend there precious few hours of free time just eating in restaurants? I would like to think they would rather see a little bit of our beautiful country where a smile and a thank you is all that is required.
I'm sorry that your staff are boycotting spending any money, that is their choice of course.

To the poster that said maybe the service charge should be mandatory for Aussies, I say yes, go for it, do it. What's taking the cruise companies so long? Then maybe we can stop this nonsense and the service staff can stop boycotting spending and enjoy their time in Australia.
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