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Default Carnival Triumph Cruise Review 1/27 pg2

Thursday / Cozumel, Mexico / Day 4
Carnival Triumph at Puerta Maya, Cozumel After being rocked to sleep overnight as we entered the Caribbean, we arrived early at the Puerta Maya pier and were docked before the scheduled 9:00 am arrival time. We are docked next to the Carnival Breeze and the Nieuw Amsterdamn is docked at Puerto Langusto, the only three ships in Cozumel. I was in no rush as I have no big plans and I had a MDR breakfast this morning of Eggs Benedict with side of bacon and potatoes. A friend went with me to do my usual rounds in San Miguel so we took a taxi into town ($8) about 11:00 and we went to Woody’s Bar & Grill owned by my friend Nelly to use their WiFi and have a diet coke and some Guacamole & Chips. My friend had never had a Wet Windy’s margarita so that had to be done, a Mango/Banana combination for each. We then went down to La Candela for a fantastic lunch. This is not a ‘tourist’ restaurant, but a very nice place that serves a ‘Daily Special’ for the local business clientele. We both ordered off the menu and had the Pescado Mayan, fresh Grouper cooked with onion, tomato, pepper in banana leaf wrapped in foil served with steamed vegetables. It was excellent, but soon it was off to the ship as it sails at 4:00 pm. Note the black smoke in the photo: I wonder if that is a precursor to the incenerator problem to come? The VIFP Party was held at 5:00 in the Theater for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Guests. Jen did a good job presenting the film and the ‘live music by the show band was wonderful. I sat with a group of other Diamonds, most all who know each other and as they did the count for senior on the cruise…who knew…it was a tie between my friend and myself at 39 Carnival cruises. I had never asked her how many she had, nor she me, it was a surprise and we each received a bottle of champagne. Thanks Carnival. Time for the Alchemy Bar since I’m already dressed for dinner for some nice cocktails. For dinner tonight I had again the Gazpacho Soup (this was preordered), Pasta, Shrimp Cocktail, the Chicken Breast entree, and Grand Marnier Souffle for dessert. Evening cocktail and the crew of the Alchemy gave me messages for the Triumph crew that I will gladly deliver in just 14 days when I return to the Sunshine for a B2B cruise.

Friday / Fun day at Sea / Day 5
A calm night at sea and a beautiful sea day most of the day. The plan is to do as little as possible today. I had my favorite Sea Day Brunch breakfast this morning: Fruit Plate, Steak & Eggs, and Bloody Mary. It was excellent. Spent some time people watching on Lido aft, the pool was taken over by teens. I don’t understand why they can’t have just ONE pool for adults. I had a nice nap from 1:30 - 2:30 and then went up to get a Guy’s Burgers for lunch. I had a plain-jane burger and one burger with condiments and they were excellent. Just as I finished my burgers suddenly the ship lost complete power and went dead in the water. Of course this being the Triumph, the ship that was stranded at sea almost exactly one year ago, there were a lot of anxious thoughts. Announcements for Alpha teams, etc. and all the crew coming out from the kitchen and serving area, looking worried, to listen was somewhat interesting. A lot of worried looks all around. My first thought was at least I just had a nice hot meal. Soon Jen made announcements that there had been an incident, but it was minor. I visited with other Diamond guests who were in the Lido Buffet area and we weren’t really too concerned as yet. Another announcement that the source of the problem had been determined and corrective steps were already underway. We were told that a situation in the incinerators caused safety breakers to engage (trip). Basically like a big blown fuse I guess. After about 40-45 minutes of total time the lights returned and in another 15+ minutes we were underway again although not with full power everywhere. Interesting that Guy’s saved the day as suddenly everyone wanted something to eat (I guess…just in case) and they handled the guests very well. Although a little late I even made it for the 4:00 pm opening of the Alchemy for a cocktail. Air conditioning was the last to be restored about 5:30 and soon all was well. Interesting that the internet was down, perhaps purposely. It was now time to prepare for the Captains Reception for the Diamond guests at 7:15. I was not expecting the Captain and he did not make it, but many senior staff did. They had excellent Hors d'oeuvre and wonderful cocktails. There were 8-9 Diamonds I actually knew or had met all previously. Thanks Carnival Triumph, a first class job, much better than the Brunch the week before with just menu items available and my purchasing my only cocktail. Final dinner was good, I ordered the French Onion Soup, Penne Marisco as a starter, and the Veal Parmesan. For dessert I had the Baked Alaska. Two final ‘Deal Closers’, one of each type, from Alchemy before turning in for the evening.

Saturday / Debarkation

I awoke at 6:30 and we were already docked. I suspected they wanted debark to go fast and smooth because of the loss of power incident on Friday. I had already received emails from press that knew I was aboard ship. I hurriedly packed and was ready to go just in case and yes they began self debark by 7:15 am. No time for breakfast, but the bananas from the fruit basket served that purpose. I was through US. Customs by 7:35 and at EZ Cruise parking by 7:50 am. I always walk back to the car as by the time you walk to the shuttle pick up you could be 1/3 the way to the lot itself. Much faster to walk. I stopped for gas ($2.98) and was off the island at 8:08 am. At Twisted Oak Ranch by 1:00 pm.


I have cabin 8397 an interior located next to the aft elevators on starboard side on deck 8. A great location, but an odd bed configuration and I had the Steward move my bed so that I could see the TV. The cabin has a swipe type safe, twin/queen beds, but no refrigerators in the interiors (OK by me we never use them), Bottle Opener, Medicine Cabinet, Small Table, Bench Seat at Dresser, and Flat Screen TV with interactive features. The cabin stewards was fine, the cabin was always clean and ice chest filled.


Both Main Dining Rooms are very nice especially the Paris Dining room. The new Blue Iguana for burritos and Guy’s Burgers are excellent. The buffet food is pretty standard, but the desserts are good. The MDR food is IMHO just adequate, but we had a nice location and the waiters were good. No Mongolian Grill, but they have Chopsticks, an Asian specialty spot. Love the new Alchemy Bar and the Lobby bar is very nice. Thirsty Frog beer is available in the Red Frog Rum bar, EA Sports bar, and Lobby bars. If guests want the full entertainment experience, then the Triumph may be the ship for you. They have a large 10 member ship orchestra, 12+ production dancers, and two excellent feature singers. Also very good bands and solo performers.


The entire crew were certainly very friendly. They really made the cruise. Waiters and Cabin stewards were very good. Favorites this cruise were Maja in the Lobby Bar; Milos, Joacin, & Alexandrea in the Alchemy Bar; and our MDR hostess.


There is really a lot to do on the ship with bingo, casino, trivia games, and excellent entertainment. This is a very good starter ship for newbies to cruising and there were a lot on board, also a lot of extended families and various groups. A perfect ship and cruise for all of those. As an experienced cruiser and as I get older I prefer longer cruises, but this was certainly a FUN and INTERESTING cruise.

The Diamond Reception was excellent.
Jen’s announcements during the Friday power loss was important.
Alchemy Bar and staff.
MDR food and Service.
Laundry service is best of any Carnival ship I have sailed.

Ray McDonald / Snoozeman

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