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Originally Posted by chadxo View Post
My wife and I are going on a cruise and are definitely planning to try out the balcony. It will be later at night and we will not be loud. My question is I have seen a lot of posts on "don't have sex on the railings." Why is that?? Do they mean on the upper decks or is there something we should know?? Thank you!!
Well, you got my attention!. I must confess, I have never seen any other posts anywhere on "sex on the railings"! But maybe this accounts for a recent incident I read about where a woman went over the railing late at night. Her husband or boyfriend alerted the ship immediately and she was very lucky that they were able to locate her in the dark. Supposedly she was leaning backward over the rail to "see the side of the ship". Hmmmm.

It is virtually impossible to fall over a railing if you are seated or in a standing position with your feet on the deck. Unless you are doing something really stupid like balancing ON the railing, no problems. I'm sure you are too smart to do anything that foolhardy, but keep in mind people use their balconies at all hours of the night and not all balconies are fully covered so you might be viewed from above as well as peeked at from around the dividers.. Have a great cruise and be safe!
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