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Talking Panoramic Ocean View Cabins

We were in one of these cabins (8039) on Grandeur for 28 days beginning January 11. When they did the "refurb" of the ship, they put in a wall between the cabins and the Centrum. Cabin 8037 is opposite the door leading to the Centrum area, so I can see where there might be some sound coming from a band, etc. The same is true of the first POV cabins on both decks 7 and 8.

It's a bit confusing as you walk down the hallway, and see cabins numbered 8036, 8038, 8040, then hit the short hallway where the POV cabins are, and the numbers go 8037, 8039, 8041, 8043, then resume with 8042. On more than one occasion had people stand in our short hallway and ask "where are we, and where is our cabin"?

The cabin was great - it's approximately 50 sq. ft. larger than a "standard" ocean view, and it costs a little more, but the extra space and floor-to-ceiling windows make up for the higher price. We have booked the same cabin category (F) for our b2b2b cruises on Grandeur in January 2015.

Incidentally, when we sailed from Baltimore on the second of the three cruises, we had 4" of snow on the deck........
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