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And why is that? Because I was nothing but complimentary when I first made my post?

"Hey everyone. I love the forums on here. Hopefully someone will have an answer or at least a window time-frame for me. "

Was one quote of my original post.

"...just wondering how long it takes to get a ship assignment? I know there are a lot of factors, like what position and etc. But I'm asking in a general sort of way. "

And that was the comment about how I already understand there are other factors in assignments. Go back and read my posts. Even when I commented the second time I supplied the information you so rudely mentioned I left out and specified again that I was just asking what everyone went through.

Even when I clarified what I meant I wasn't rude to you, I just implied that maybe you didn't read close enough. Mostly due to the fact that i specifically mentioned how I knew it was different job to job and cruise line to cruise line, but was asking about people's personal experience in waiting.

YOU were the one who had to make your rude posts and comments. You are a horrible representative of this online community. I certainly hope not everyone on this website or in the cruise industry is rude like you are.

You have completely ruined this awesome website for me. Congratulations on wrecking some strangers idea of a close knit community of crew-members on ships and conversing with each other to help with certain issues that may arise. Now the only thing I will take away from this website is flame wars that I stopped taking part in when I left grade school. Congratulations Bruce, you have not mentally evolved much more than a junior high-schooler.
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