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Good almost afternoon Gang.

Well, bob, do you wish you'd gone on another cruise? I was going to ask you that yesterday but the phone rang.

Yesterday actually tuned out to be a really nice day. It must have been close to 60. I started out with the dog and got halfway down the street in long sleeves and realized that I did not need them. I didn't dare turn back though or she'd have revolted. I came back and offered to take mom on a round through the neighborhood in her wheelchair. She enjoyed getting out in the sun.

It hurt my hand, and later my arm, to take her, although I'm better today. I will have to wait until I'm at a higher dose of neurontin to take her again. It's a shame because it looks like it's going to warm up here and I want to be outside working it the yard and taking mom on her rides. Maybe after the next increase. And I'm feeling guilty because of all you guys who are still slammed with snow.

Anyway, you guys have a great day.
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