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Default We don't need Syria war or any other Mideast war.

I think that you have a good point. The Syria thing is stupid, but you know the president wants democracy in this country as he does in all of the Arab spring countries. He thinks democracy can work in cultures that don't accept it. But his advisors say if we topple the president of Syria though military aid or through military might then democracy will bloom. Just as it has in Iraq, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. This is stupid and we should figure out a way of getting away from this type of thinking just as we did with Vietnam. Another
waste of money and manpower.

Syria reminds me of Afghanistan when the US said we will provide the gold and the Afghans can supply the blood and muscle against the Russians. One of the reasons the jihadists didn't like the Russians was that they gave women rights which was against the Islamic tradition. Women are second class citizens and will remain that way in this Islamic culture. It is something that will not change. The jihadists will continue to attack Christians, Jews and anybody who doesn't believe in their religion.

Yes we should straighten out the mess in the US before the country's leaders do it again.
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