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My husband has recently been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. There are a number of doctors who consider that the American Diabetes Assoc. recommended dietary rules are too lenient and do not optimize life span as the preferred diet would.

My husband is on a diet which consists of no sugar, fruit, juice, carrots, peas, beans, cereals, potatoes, tomatoes, rice, pasta, - and probably more that I cannot remember. He is allowed two slices of sprouted grain bread or dense whole wheat daily. He has no problems with fats or with salt in his diet, however.

Our concern is whether cruise lines will make special meals to accommodate his needs and, if so, which are the best at doing so?

There are differences in diabetics and in the ways in which the medical profession treats them. Some Type I's and II's will have a much greater variety in foods and will just up their amount of insulin or drugs to compensate. Others approach the situation through changing the elements of the diet which are triggers for the problem - which means limiting sugars and carbs. Our doctors seem to think this is the best way.
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