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Default Questions about Allure

As our cruise grows closer I am getting a bit nervous over all the planning. There will be ten of us ranging from 76yrs old down to 15. Some pf my questions are:

1)Best time to board. We are flying in late the night before so would like to sleep in a bit but don't want to be too late and miss too much ship time.

2) Bringing on a case of water. Would we just put a luggage tag on and leave with porter with rest of our luggage?

3) My Time Dining. I did this as we REALLY like to watch the sunsets. I already habe our reservations but how much time shpuld we allow to be seated and for the meal itself?

4) Shows. I have made the reservations except CHICAGO which doesn't seem to be up yet. We sail June 1st. I made them for all ten of us just because no one is communicating to me what they want so I figure better safe than sorry. What do you say are the no miss shows?

5) Rita's Cantina. Wanted to do the fiesta with cocktails but thosectimes are not working for us. I know they could change on the actual sailing and will continue to look. But is it worth going there otherwise? We live where more than half the resraurants are Mexican and good ones at that so I am thinking skip it.

6) Giovanni's for lunch. I thought just the six ladies in our group. Do they have seating outside and would it accomedate the six or is it best inside?

7) Prohibitipn Event. I was thinking this would be really fun. Anyone done it? Wanted to do the Mystery dinner but does not seem to be offered on our sailing. A couple of us love dressong up amd play acting plus drinking so I figure we should enjoy.

I know it is a lot of overthinking on my part but I like to know details so things go smooth. Thanks for any and all replies in advance:-)
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