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Originally Posted by DougR. View Post
Grow up folks! It is at most 20 minutes out of your precious cruise!
I *wish* I had only been 20 min out of our precious cruise the last time.

We were on the Carnival Triumph back in August and Muster Drill was a freaking nightmare. There were over 200 people (not just our group, but the muster groups to either side of us) standing under neath the lifeboats, struggling to hear the employees who were giving the drill instructions. You COULD NOT hear them. We had to wait probably 20 min for the drill to start, it took around 20 min for them to complete the entire drill and then we were forced to stand around waiting for a good half hour after the groups on either side of us were dismissed. Nobody seemed to know why we were standing there and I admit, I was really kind of grumpy by that point because I was hot (this is Texas after all, where it can get to be 100 degrees in the shade in summer time), exhausted (we drove 6 hrs to get to the port that morning before we boarded), thirsty (we were told no drinks or food allowed) and just not in a good mood from being crowded up next to some sweaty college guys. At one point, I looked at my husband and said, "NOW I know why people try to skip muster drill."
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