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Grand Turk, La Romana, Curacao & Aruba Itinerary Feedback..

Grand Turk is basically a beach port. They have a huge pool as well with a Margaritaville. There are some shops as well, and, a huge store thats sells what the boutiques onboard sell, only more....the water is glorious,and this is a popular port.

LaRomana is in the Dominican Rebuplic, is it not? Have not heard too much about it at all.

Aruba is a dry, arid island, unlike most...There are casinos there and beautiful can go on drive yourself jeep tour,and visit Charlie's Bar, a local place, often seen on tv...dollar bills and memorabilia are all over...

Charlie's Bar Aruba

Curacao is famous for their liqueur of the same name,and you will find tastings all along your walk down the pier. I would suggest an island tour here, to enjoy all the isand has to offer, other then downtown, which I found disappointing.

I am guessing for all these ports to be in your itinerary,it must be a 10 day cruise at least? I sailed her sister ship the Liberty,and enjoyed my cruise,as I know you will as well.

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