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Default while in Spain

Originally Posted by jasmin9 View Post
Would you be interested in a transatlantic cruise leaving April 14 and arriving in Malaga, Spain on the 27th? It's on Celebrity Equinox. I am in the process of trying to upgrade to an AquaClass cruise, half of which will be about $1300 but it comes with lots of extras. My current is a 3rd floor oceanview costing $$860 for one half plus tips. If you haven't been on Celebrity before, most people like their ships pretty well. They are supposed to have beefed up their transatlantic cruises with lots of activities. I am a youngish 63 who enjoys rafting, snkeling, art (painting) and drawing beautiful buildings and scenery. I am on my way to a TESOL class in Barcelona, a great city well worth a visit. I speak some Spanish and Portuguese.
Hi Jasmin, I see you are heading for a TESOL class - have you looked at the site for volunteering for 1 week in PueblosIngles? worth a look at

They look for volunteers to live (free) in a Spanish village & speak English - up to 15 hrs a day - with Spanish speakers. Could be a gret experience.
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