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1) I have access to family right near Port Canaveral. We could easily get to the docks if needed. How do I know if there is space available? How do I plan to do this last minute effort? I can be completely ready with regards to luggage and necessities. But, it is really a scenario wherein you walk up, ask if there are open cabins, get an incredible rate and then get on board? My issue here is that I do not have a huge vacation fund to use.
I would definitely BOOK the the cruise before I left town. You might find some last minute cruise bargains for next week for example, but do ALL of the price checking before you leave.

1) Cruise lines generally need at least 48 hours notice because they submit their manifests to US agencies.

2) You want to know how much that last-minute airfare is going to set you back

also) check weather conditions and watch out for airport closures, a delay could ruin your whole vaca....

2) Are there many issues in traveling with an infant? Do I need to ask special questions?
None other than the usual - most major cruise lines now offer babysitting for babies 6-months or older. You need to bring your own formula, but you can probably buy diapers on board (not cheap, though). Some cruise lines even deliver them now - go to the web sites of each cruise line and search for "infants"
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