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Good morning Gang. Well, we had a very cold downpour yesterday afternoon that tapered off a bit when it turned to sleet last night. We have two or three inches of that on the ground and it's spitting snow. I would have hated getting the ice when we were getting the downpour.

I'm so glad the girls hightailed it back to school yesterday morning when they did. My daughter and a friend were here for the weekend, and I hated to see them go early...but it was already bad up where they go to school. The kid said the last fifteen miles of the drive were slippery. I can't wait to see her on spring break. She and some fiends are planning a float/camping trip the first few days of the break...but I think they need to can the idea or they are going to freeze because break is just a few weeks off.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.
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