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OK, so we've been doing some looking around and we're probably going to be booking the Jewel of the Seas southern Caribbean 7 night out of San Jose. The port itinerary is what luring us in more than the ship, is this a bad way to go about it? Reading a few (not many) reviews some people seem to say that the Jewel appears to have less kids which is a plus for us. With so many port stops also we'll have plenty of time off the ship.

-seadog: thank you! And yeah we're working with an agent. According to RCI's website our agent that we're in contact with is "Royal Caribbean Expert Plus". Does this mean we're using the right person for our planning? Any advise on getting some extra perks like ship credit?
-Trip: not sure what you mean by pre/post cruising?

My next question that I'm going to throw out there right now (followed by searching Google a bit) is about extra costs we'll be incurring. Booze is the obvious one (just for me, I suppose ), but what about the port stops? Are there any costs to just leave the ship, like port fees? What about food on the ship, are all restaurants typically included or are there limits or selected options that will only be included in our base price paid before boarding? Are ship activities included?
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