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Default I hope Yahoo is right for the sake of my and other's portfolios

Originally Posted by zydecocruiser View Post
Putin blinks, stocks rally: Ukraine crisis shows power of global markets | Daily Ticker - Yahoo Finance

I imagine lots of non-believers in shock at tea party headquarters. That and conspiracy theorists at work.
I listened to the Yahoo report and the narrator's kept on saying I hope that this is a genuine retreat on the part of Putin. The narrator's kept on saying perhaps and maybe. I again hope things work out.

Maybe we're jumping the gun, said the narrators but we hope.

Oh well new crisis is brewing for Obama and Israeli leader. Obama says Israel is going to suffer from treatment of Palestinians in eyes of the world community. Are we going to dump Israel because the world community doen's like what they are doing. Is Obama going to condemn Israel. No way not when there are elections coming up. Obama is sweating because he may have just missed a crises in tne Ukraine.
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